Sake kasu soap

Sake kasu soap
“Noto Bijin (Beauty of Noto)”

○Using ‘sake kasu’ from additive-free sake, “Special Jinmai-shu Taikei”
During the process of sake production, lees called ‘sake kasu’ is left. Sake kasu from our “Special Junmai-shu Taikei”, which is made from only rice and water, is used to make this soap. It is made by kneading the sake kasu into the soap. This soap is of course completely free from synthetic perfume, synthetic surfactant, preservatives, and antiseptic additives. It is a specially made soap of natural ingredients.

Sake kasu is effective in preventing blemishes and freckles. “Linoleic acid” that is contained within sake kasu in a large quantity is known to prevent formation of dopachrome which will eventually turns into melanin. In addition, sake kasu contains more than one hundred types of micronutrients that are effective in brightening up and beautify your skin. It also has an effect on opening pores and helping waste matter to be removed from the skin. These are the reasons why sake kasu is known to be so effective for skin.

This round soap is made by hand and not through mass production. This natural and adorable soap passes on the warmth of creators to the users. As it does not contain synthetic surfactant, it may not lather so well if you compare it with those rich foaming soaps. But don’t worry! It comes with a foaming net. You can create fine bubbles using this net. This soap has a natural fragrance and is kind to your body. Why don’t you send this soap to your wife, mother, or girl friend? Of course, please try it yourself too!


COMPONENT Horse oil, ethanol, Sake kasu, sucrose, Hydrogenated palm oil, Glycerin, Sodium hydroxide, NaCl chloride, Trehalose, Titanium oxide
PRICE 1,280 yen (100g)