Company Profile

Company Profile

Sakurada Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
So-93 Takojima-machi Suzu-shi, Ishikawa-ken
TEL 0768-82-0508
FAX 0768-82-6628
OPEN 7 days a week 8:00〜20:00
PARKING 3 parking spaces

History of Sakurada Sake Brewery


The founder, Soutaro Sakurada, established the brewery in Takojima village. A license to produce sake was obtained from Wajima Tax Office. Construction of sake brewery began.


Production of sake began and it was sold by a brand “Taikei (great joy)”.

The early Showa period

Taking the word sakura from the family name Sakurada (sakura-da, meaning “cherry blossom” and “rice field”), the brand name was changed to “Hatsuzakura (the first cherry blossoms)” (sakura changes to zakura following another word).


The name, “Taikei”, from the time of establishment was revived as Junmai-shu (pure rice sake with no adding of distilled alcohol).

01_jitensyaAt the time of establishment, sake was delivered to the customers by bicycles. Because the roads were unpaved at that time, sake bottles often cracked. For this reason, each sake bottle was wrapped by rice straw to prevent cracking.

In old days, every brewery used wooden tanks called “kioke” for sake production. Sake got absorbed by the wooden tanks little by little and became gradually less. This is a scene of drying tanks in the shade in the summer to prevent mold growth.

We used to wash each bottle by hand using a brush. We now use a machine, however, when the stain does not come off, we still use brushes to remove the stain.

This is the first car of the brewery. It is a Toyota car. The type of the vehicle is unknown. Although Toyota cars today do not break easily, it used to break quite often in old days. Cleaning of the carburetor was particularly a hard work.

It’s Mid-Showa period. In these days, wooden tanks were replaced by vitreous enamel tanks. As there were no packings, stones were placed on wooden lids as weights. These tanks are still doing a great job today.